Something For The Weekend: Your Weekend Round-Up Of Reviews, Previews, News And More

by Olly MacNamee

Here we are again rounding up all the previews, news and reviews that you’ve been reading throughout the week and offering up a digest of some of our bigger stories. Once again, we bring you our ten to take away on yet another weekend in lockdown.

  1. While news was even more scare then usual when it came to comics we were able to offer up the odd preview with a look at DC Digital First titles as they dropped daily throughout this past week, such as Superman Man of Tomorrow #2 and The Flash Fastest Man Alive #2, but we also had a look at two new titles fro US readers, Klaw #14 and Genpets #2 from Magnetic Press.
  2. On the review front, we looked back at some comic book classics including Winnebago Graveyard by Steve Niles and Alison Sampson here, with our Tony Thornley and Brendan M Allen talking over what they liked about this relatively new series available in trade paperback now.
  3. The guys also reviewed Captain America: The Winter Soldier Vol. 1 too, both in our new, and popular feature, New to You Comics. Check out all their comic book conversations here now.
  4. Another look back I time took us to the 1990s and the X-Men with a look at X-Men Phalanx Covenant, and a reminder that comics weren’t all bad back then. Sometimes, it was just their costumes.
  5. There as the odd comic book we are able to review too, with a dive into Wretches Vol. 1 from Scout Comics and out June 24th. James Ferguson reviews it here.
  6. Everyone likes free comics it would seem, and the news that Dynamite were offering up even more digital reading on comiXology – now totally 76 comics – was met with great interest with you, our readers. Check out Dynamite’s offerings here. which included the first issue of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Magnus Robot Hunter #1 and a good deal more.
  7. John Allison (Giant Days, Steeple) was a guest on the latest edition on the Deconstructing Comics podcast which you can listen to here, in which he talks, amongst other things, about web comics, his jump to printing comics and more.
  8. Of course, as a site that also covers TV, games and videos, there was plenty of news on that front too, with reports only yesterday that Sony have come with a rather unwieldy name for their Spider-Man movie universe. Talk about something made up by a committee. Check out the full story from our EiC Erik Amaya here.
  9. We also took a look at everything coming up on subscription service DC Universe this May here with lots of new comic books to read.
  10. Finally, for this week, we leave you with the good news story of BOOM! Studios offering up support for brick and mortar retailers with their ‘Day One’ program offering up full retainability on all their books through to August, 1-per-store variant covers and more. Check out the full support package here and enjoy your weekend. But, with reports on both sides of the pond suggesting many are ignoring the sound scientific advise, be safe and stay indoors.

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