Super Sunday (Part 3): Barry Is On The Trail Of The Reverse-Flash For Help In ‘The Flash’ #753 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

The cosmic treadmill, the Reverse-Flash and Howard Porter on art? How can I resist The Flash #753 from writer Joshua Willamson and the aforementioned Porter, racing once more into comic book stores after the recent hiatus. Even Barry Allen can’t outrun the coronavirus. Here’s a rather dynamic preview of the new issue out Tuesday 5th May, DC Comics’ new comic book day. I’m loving this title and it’s alway near the top of my reading pile whenever a new issue comes out.

In this ‘Flash Age’ interlude, the Fastest Man Alive must find the Reverse-Flash to stop Paradox’s annihilation of the Flash legacy. But catching a time-traveler is extremely difficult, and the Flash’s quest to find Eobard Thawne takes him to tragic moments in time he never thought he’d have to revisit.

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