Witness South Korean ‘Star Wars’ In The Trailer For ‘Space Sweepers’

by Tito W. James


Korean New Wave Cinema has skyrocketed into popularity in recent years. Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite broke world records at the Academy Awards this past year and it is safe to say John Wick borrows heavily from films like The Man From Nowhere and The Villainess. For cinephiles seeking cutting-edge films free from the trappings of family-friendly Hollywood, South Korean movies has consistently been a shot in the arm. Hopefully, the sci-fi tinged Space Sweepers will prove as influential.

Set in 2092, it tells the story of a crew on board of a ship called the Victory trying to escape the destruction of Earth. Who knows how this ambitious science fiction project will be received domestically and internationally. What I do know is I’ll be watching Space Sweepers when it finally gets a US release.

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