ComiXology Original ‘Youth’ Optioned For Potential Amazon Series

by Erik Amaya

Amazon’s synergy with Comixology yields fruit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ComiXology Originals series Youth has been optioned by Amazon Studios for development as a television series. Created by Curt Pires and Alex Diotto, the upcoming digital first comic centers on two queer teenagers who flee from their bigoted small town and attempt to make their way to California. They eventually meet up with a pack of fellow misfits on the road. But a freewheeling journey of self-discovery takes an unexpected turn. ComiXology itself refers to the series as both “Larry Clark’s Kids meets Chronicle” and “X-Men by way of Frank Ocean.”

It easy to see why Amazon, home of the creatively successful The Boys adaptation would see Youth as a natural follow-up.

It is also to see how Amazon can leverage its ownership of ComiXology into a testing ground for potential show concepts. As we know from the development of The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time television programs, Amazon wants a big, broad hit — a la Game of Thrones. ComiXology Originals could be the source of such a program. Although, we’ll be honest, Breaklands feels more of that scope than Youth.

Then again, having a variety of genre programs is also important for Amazon’s streaming business. It cancelled a bunch of its smaller, quirkier series as it was buying rights to things like Snowcrash and the Gateway series, but smallish genre shows have proved successful in other venues.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out; provided the concept actually makes it to the screen. Meanwhile, as a comic book, Youth debuts on May 12th.

Erik Amaya

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