Plans Move Forward On Next Week’s ‘Supergirl’ Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

Though Supergirl‘s fifth season is ending one episode early because of the COVID-19 pandemic, its storyline is reaching something of a climax. And as seen in this preview for next week’s season finale, plans are coming to a head as Lex (Jon Cryer) gets his invitation to Leviathan’s ship, Brainy (Jesse Rath) decides which side he is on and a reunited Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Lena (Katie McGrath) devise their own plan for dealing with the combined machinations of Lex and Leviathan. Will they be able to save the world or will a resolution have to wait until it is safe for the show to resume production?

In the meantime, we’re glad to see Kara and Lena on their way to reconciliation. We imagine from Kara’s anger this episode that it will take some time for her to completely trust Lena. As it happens, we’d love to see that story play out next year as they get back to being friends. It’s genuinely interesting material and as McGrath proved again this week, she can carry it.
The same can also be said for Brainy, who has been sidelined in the later half of the season. Forcing him to partner up with Lex was the best way to keep him from helping everyone else, but it also meant great swathes of the year saw him disconnected or entirely absent. With the DEO now totally destroyed, though, we expect he’ll join the group in the Tower next season and also win back peoples’ trust. As it happens, it sort of feels like an old Legion of Superheroes plot; though that Brainy would’ve been more stoic — or arrogant — in the face of what Nia (Nicole Maines) said in the plaza.
And as we said before, we hope Cryer ends up a cast member over on Superman & Lois. He’s such a good Lex and it would be a shame if he stopped playing the part.
Supergirl airs Sundays on The CW.

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