Duncan Jones And Alex De Campi’s ‘Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future’ Mooniverse Graphic Novel Launches Soon

by Olly MacNamee
Previously revealed art by Dylan Teague

Once I’d heard the news that filmmaker Duncan Jones was going to round of his Moon and Mute shared universes with graphic novel project, Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future, I’ve been keeping my nose to the ground for more news. Well, my determination has paid off as he has recently shared some new art  by Pia Guerra and a launch date of May 19th for this crowdfunded. Although, ever the tease, he’s not ever said where you’ll be able to even back it, if that’s the plan at all. It’s all very cloak and dagger, but we thought you might want a head’s up and keep em peeled on his official Twitter feed here.

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