‘Harvest Moon: One World’ Comes To Nintendo Switch Fall

by Gary Catig

Harvest Moon One Wonder
Before there was Animal Crossing, there was Harvest Moon. In the video game series, players travel to a village to settle and build their own home. While there, they can farm, fish, cook, and form meaningful bonds with other residents.
Today, Natsume Inc. announced the next installment in the series: Harvest Moon: One World. The game promises that new farmers can experience a world with both new and familiar faces, quirky villagers, and adventurous challenges while maintaining their growing property. One World will be the first title to feature the newest game engine and graphics.
Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume Inc, says:

Harvest Moon: One World features a brand-new way of exploring Harvest Moon that seasoned players and new generations will both enjoy. Over the decades, Harvest Moon has evolved but has always retained the traditional, family-friendly farming fun that the franchise is known for. The new engine and new graphics will upgrade this experience for 2020. We are so excited to share more about the features of Harvest Moon: One World in the coming months.

Players find themselves embarking on an adventure that encompasses not only their village but the entire world. They can visit locales such as the beautiful beaches of Halo Halo and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki. All they have to guide them is an old book that gives hints about the world that was.
Look for Harvest Moon: One World when it is released this fall on Nintendo Switch.

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