Brothers In Crime: ‘Write It In Blood’ Is Your New Lockdown Crime Thriller Comic

by Richard Bruton

Fancy a new crime series featuring two hitmen brothers on the eve of their retirement that Al Ewing describes as ‘an intriguing web of connections and mismatched personalities‘? Sure you do – and that new series is Write It In Blood… a brand new pdf crime thriller by Rory McConville and Joe Palmer.

Yes, something new for you, available on Gumroad for $2+ as a pay what you think fair deal, Write It In Blood tells the bloody and brutal tale of two brothers, hitmen both, looking to retirement but driving their way through Texas with their last job locked in the trunk of their car.
That hostage is Little Harkness, a local gangster and rival, who’s meant to be delivered to their boss as a final job. But, with no surprise… things don’t exactly go to plan. Which draws us into a web of dead bodies and snappy dialogue as Arthur and Cosmo end up with the retirement plans on ice and a target firmly on their backs. Never, ever mess with the boss’ wife – the cardinal rule of gangster life. But it does set us up for a great crime tale of double-crosses and bloody revenge.
Rory McConville has long been a mainstay of short tales over at 2000 AD and the Megazine, but here he’s really found a dark crime voice, playing brilliantly with the contrasting characters of the two brothers, ending up with something that’s very Fargo-esque in the way it plays out over the issues.

And complimenting McConville’s script, we have Joe Palmer’s artwork that creates just the right look for the series, never overdoing the noir but still getting all the right beats and great characterisation through the series.
Yes, it’s a great looking, great reading new series for you – and you can (and should) pick it up right away from McConville’s Gumroad store.

Write It In Blood by Rory McConville, Joe Palmer, colours by Chris O’Halloran, letters by Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou.
You can get all 4 issues from McConville on Gumroad with a pay what you think fair pricetag.
Now, a little preview from the series…

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