Preview: ‘Lonely God’s Shadow’ Part 1 Is An Ancient Tale Of Pagan Gods From An Ancient Land

by Olly MacNamee

In the new post-pandemic world, whether we want to admit it or not, digital comics and digital distribution may have a larger part to play in the way we purchase and read comics, so we here at comic.con, as you may have noticed, have begun to shine a light on new comic books coming out through comiXology. Well, DC Comics may have now shifted new comic book day to a Tuesday, but Amazon’s digital comics’ platform still embrace Wednesday as their own new day when a lot of new titles – and reprints – are released.
So, why not check out this fantasy title featuring pagan gods such as Mithras (who is intrinsically linked to Christianity with 25th December having once been this pagan god’s birthday before being eliminated by the late Roman Empire), Lonely God’s Shadow, by writer Farit Akhmedjanov, art and colors by Aleksey Nikanorov and inks Aleksey Nikanorov and published by Comics Publisher? An ancient tale from an ancient culture. Call it your home schooling lesson for the day!

The story takes place in the Ancient times, in the world of the gods. The great god Mithra, while he is resting peacefully at his secret place, is called by the goddess Hecate. Mithra comes to the call of Hecate and learns that she is in the middle of her personal war with great Egyptian goddess Nephtis and her husband and guardsman Seth. The bad news is that the beloved son of Apollo was badly wounded in the fight… A chapter from the story called ‘Plexus’.

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