Batman #96 Variant Cover To Feature New Character Clownhunter By Jorge Jimenez

by Olly MacNamee

We’ve already had the debut of both the Designer and Punchline in the pages of Batman, but we have yet to meet with another new character created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez; Clownhunter. Well, we get a good look at him on the Batman #96 card stock variant cover revealed by DC Comics, along with a Harley Quinn cover for Batman #97 in which she looks like she’s survived a trip to the Cursed Earth from Judge Dredd.

No word on exactly who Clownhunter is yet – although the name suggests he’ll be rooting for Batman –  but you may want your local comic book store to save you a copy sporting this cover to avoid disappointment.
Batman #96 is now out August 4 with Batman #97 out a fortnight later on August 18.

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