Best of British: Rachael Smith’s Quarantine Comix – A Daily Slice Of Despair And Hope For The Future

by Richard Bruton

Rachael Smith‘s comics are great. I’ve thought that since I first saw them many, many years ago. She’s funny, inventive and, although she’d no doubt disagree, absolutely fearless. Her recent books, Stand in Your Power and Wired Up Wrong were beautiful, heartfelt things where she opened up about mental health issues with a bravery and honesty few of us could muster. Well now, like the majority of us, she’s in quarantine lockdown and has decided to document her daily life in Quarantine Comix

That’s the possible cover for the eventual collection but right now you can find all of her Quarantine Comix on her Facebook pages.
One a day, each day of the continued quarantine, with every 10th page a beautiful full-page piece, these cover every aspect of her life, from day-to-day struggles with the little things – Zoom meetings in your sloppies, washing or not washing, tidying her room, through to the loneliness of isolation, the despair of not knowing when you’re going to see loved ones again, and the ongoing toll that quarantine is taking on all of us.

Yes, there a huge amount of sadness and despair here, as Smith is as open and honest as always.
But through it all, Smith manages to inject moments of much-needed comedy, self-deprecating at times, observational at others, yet always with absolutely spot-on comedic timing as always.
It’s an essential read for all of us, echoing perfectly all those complex feelings and emotions that we’re all going through in these quarantine days. Thank you, Rachael, for being brave enough to put these out there, for letting us know that how we’re feeling is completely normal, and for doing it all so damn well.
Quarantine Comix by Rachael Smith will be released in collection at some point, but right now you can find them at her her Facebook pages, buy the originals and limited edition prints of the colour full-pages, and support a great British artist through her Etsy store.
Now, just a little selection of the delights to be found in Quarantine Comix


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