Captain Pike’s Adventures To Continue In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

by Erik Amaya

Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), Number One (Rebecca Romijn), and Science Officer Spock (Ethan Peck) will be reporting for duty aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise once more.

As revealed on the Star Trek’s CBS All Access Twitter account, the three actors will star in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a series focusing on the years Pike commanded the legendary starship Enterprise. Taking place 10 years before Pike hands the ship to James T. Kirk, there will be plenty of time to explore the characters.
A veteran of shows like Hell on Wheels and Marvel’s doomed Inhumans, Mount shined as Pike; a character only briefly sketched in the original Star Trek pilot and the episode utilizing footage from that pilot, “The Menagerie.” Pike reappeared in the J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek feature, played by Bruce Greenwood, but less attention was paid to making him feel like the character from the original series. Mount, in turn, infused a sense of humor into the serious (and weary) Starfleet officer.
Romijn takes over Number One from Majel Barrett. The character was intended to be one of the revolutionary aspects in Star Trek‘s design — a female first officer. But when creator Gene Roddenberry was forced to chose between her and a featured alien, he chose Leonard Nimoy‘s Spock and incorporated her apparent lack of emotions and devotion to logic, as well as her rank, into the Vulcan. Consequently, Romijn has a freer hand to create Number One, as seen in the Short Treks episode revealing she’s a Gilbert and Sullivan fan.
The seemingly toughest role to recast would be Spock, but Peck proved across Discovery‘s second season that he is the best man for the role.
All three, in fact, proved via a number of Short Trek episodes released across the Fall and Winter that a series focused on their lives aboard the Enterprise could work. Then again, how could it not? It’s Star Trek.
Production details are, of course, scant at the moment — beyond overall Star Trek producer Alex Kurtzman developing the series and Akiva Goldsman writing the pilot —  but Strange New Worlds could slot into release after the third season of Discovery and the second season of Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access.

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