A Friend Goes Missing In Canada In ‘Lucky Luke: The Klondike’ From Cinebook

by Olly MacNamee

A blast from the past, maybe, but Lucky Luke has a new book out in print (May 22nd) and digitally (May 21st) chasing gold in Lucky Luke: The Klondike. It’s his 74th album from Jean Léturgie and Yann. As always, it’s a mix of comedy and history as we learn all about the Klondike and the gold rush of the old pioneering days of the 19th century and look out for an old but familiar face, Waldo from Lucky Luke: The Tenderfoot who’s gone missing.

To help a friend, Luke joins the Yukon gold rush!
Gold has been found in the Klondike, a remote region in the Canadian far north! Jasper, the manservant of ‘Tenderfoot’ Waldo, went to try his luck … and vanished. Worried about his man, Waldo calls upon his old friend Lucky Luke. The two men will have to make the dangerous trip to the Klondike, only to face all those who, in that desolate, inhospitable land, will stop at nothing in order to fleece their fellow man.


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