Henry Cavill Reportedly Set To Return As Superman

by Erik Amaya

The never-ending battle continues…
Variety reports Justice League star Henry Cavill will return as Superman in an upcoming DC films. Details are scant, to say the least, but other reports suggest the actor and character will not headline a film, instead making his way into other flicks like, perhaps, The Flash and Aquaman 2. The character was last seen returning from the grave in Justice League with a happier disposition than he had in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — well, okay, happier once he recovered from that post-resurrection grumpiness.
The move comes just after HBO Max and WarnerMedia announced the imminent arrival of Zack Snyder‘s version of Justice League in 2021, although Variety notes Cavill’s return will not be as part of reshoots to complete the director’s vision of the film; which he himself recently revealed will offer a glimpse at Darkseid.
Of course, so much has changed since Justice League‘s 2017 release. Warner Bros. Pictures has released successful films like Aquaman and Shazam!, both of which eschewed the darker film of Cavill’s appearances for something poppier and more fantastic. But it is never to late for Superman to crack as smile or wink at the audience. Then again, the pendulum may already be swinging back to darkness with next year’s release of The Batman and its apparently pitch-black tone.
As fans of DC Comics across the ages, we just want the most appropriate tone for each character. And for Superman, that means something closer to Shazam! if, perhaps, not as broad. But until such a film can be devised, it would be interesting to see him banter with Diana (Gal Gadot) in a Wonder Woman 1984 stinger scene or even throwing a couple back with Aquaman (Jason Momoa).
In the meantime, the DC films train keeps on rolling with Wonder Woman 1984 set for release on August 14th.

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