Art For Art’s Sake #55: The Art Of Lockdown Reading – ‘Deadline’!

by Richard Bruton

Another week goes by, more lockdown reading goes on and there’s so much fabulous artwork to share with you. This week I had a tidy up and came across an old box of Deadline Magazine…
Now, if you don’t know Deadline, or if you only know it for the place where Tank Girl first appeared, you’re in for an artistic treat here. Basically, Deadline was a fantastically cool Brit comics magazine, created by Brett Ewins and Steve Dillion (both sadly lost to us now) and published in the white heat of the comics world of 1988 and 1995. It was a great comics mag for sure, but it also did more than that, hitting a cultural position somewhere between 2000AD and The Face, or something like that anyway, with its pages filled with pop-stars (well, indie and Brit-Pop stars at least) as well as these killer comics…
So, let us begin with issue 1 with the cover & Tank Girl by Jamie Hewlett.

Steve Dillon – Sharp…

The magnificent Wired World from Philip Bond

Brett EwinsJohnny Nemo

Julie Hollings

Shaky Kane

Nick Abadzis

Mike Hadley


Hot Triggers by Philip Bond….

Later on in the run, the mag went part colour…
Of course, more Jamie Hewlett art on Tank Girl…

And some more gorgeous Philip Bond Wired World

Rachael Ball

Glyn DillonPlanet Swerve

Now, a few of those glorious Deadline covers… Brett Ewins

Jamie Hewlett

Philip Bond

Simon Bisley

Steve Dillon

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