Gail Simone’s Auctions Off Original George Perez ‘Wonder Woman’ Art To Support Black Lives Matter Movement

by Olly MacNamee

With the the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of those who are allegedly there to serve and protect dominating the news cycle for the past few days, there have been many, many outcries of righteous and rightful outrage, but one comic book creators is trying to do something to readdress the problem with an online auction that comic book fans with deep pockets may want to take heed of.

Gail Simone has recently posted a rather long, but satisfying, thread over on Twitter where she seater off by recounting her writing for Wonder Woman #600 (2010) from a decade or so ago. A script that as to be drawn by legendary comic book artist George Perez as his swan song to comics. Fast forward a good few years and Simone’s receives some of the original art from Perez himself as a special thank you. A two-pager that Simone’s has cherished – as you would – until today.

Wishing to make a domination to the Black Lives Matter movement, Simone’s has annoyed that she will be acting off one of the two pages she owns as part of a bundle towards supporting the movement, and encourages other creators to do the same, in a similar fashion to the recent Creators4Comics online Twitter auction. Head over to her personal Twitter account for more on this breaking story. This isn’t gong to go cheaply, and that’s exactly what Simone’s is betting on in order to support the Black Lives Matter movement as generously as she can.

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