Crowdfunding Comics: Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ Gets A Modern Update In ‘Prince Of Denmark Street’ Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee

When he’s not contributing to kids’ humour comics The Beano or Viz here in the UK, Kev F Sutherland also produces the odd graphic novel or two via Kickstarter and he’s got a new one up now which he has fully created during this Covid-19 lockdown. Prince of Denmark Street* is a modern day adaption of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a play about a mopey Goth student wandering around his roomy castle contemplating revenge. But, set in contemporary London at the height of the British punk rock explosion.

This 120 page graphic novel is based on, and features much of, Shakespeare’s original, but includes plot twists and shock revelations that, I hope, you won’t see coming. It’s comical, tragical, historical and musical too. (There’s even the track listing for an imaginary soundtrack album of the book).
As well as my 120 page comic story, printed in manga paperback format, I’ve included the full text of the play of Hamlet, illustrated by me.

It’s an all-ages read and the reason it’s ben created so relatively quickly is because of all the time Sutherland has had due to cancelled school visits and comic convention appearances. So, that’s good new for his fans and anyone else looking to pledge on this new graphic novel. Which you can do right here, right now.
*Fun fact – not only was Denmark Street closely associated with the punk movement of the 70s (a base for The Sex Pistols’ in the mid-seventies) but it was also the street upon which the original Forbidden Planet also launched. 

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