Preview: A Plague Of Rats Infests Central City In ‘The Flash Fastest Man Alive’ #7 DC Digital First

by Olly MacNamee

The Flash Fastest Man Alive #7 gives readers not one, but two stories in today’s issue, available online now. By Jay Baruchel, Josh Trujillo, Sumit Kumar, Andie Tong and Jordie Bellaire.

Story 1 – With Central City overrun by rodents, the Flash sets out to collar the obvious culprit — but is the Scarlet Speedster’s assumption about the Pied Piper correct? Story 2 – A  radioactive  beast  runs  rampant  after  an  explosion  at  S.T.A.R.  Labs.  But is it man or monster, and can the Flash calm the creature before it destroys Central City?

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