Something For The Weekend: Your Weekend Round-Up Returns

by Olly MacNamee

After a relatively quiet week, this past week saw the return to ‘business as usual’ for us at Comicon HQ as more comics start getting released and more news starts up again. So, what have you all been reading this past week? Here’s your weekly ten-to take-away; the stories that caught your eye and peaked your interests.

  1. As one of the few websites to regularly give you in-depth previews of 2000AD titles, it’s good to see that our regular Rebellion reviewer and previewer Richard Bruton’s weekly Monday look at the week’s 2000AD still attracts a lot of interests from readers. And why not? After all, it is the galaxy’s greatest comic and is producing some great strips at the moment and garnering a good deal of interest. Check out last week’s preview here.
  2. As a champion of more independent publishers, it’s good to see that’s the right thing to do with many of you logging on to read about AHOY Comics’ June solicits as well as their plans  for a tongue-in-cheek celebration of Dragonfly and Dragonflyman on June 16th as part of a fun PR push for Dragonfly and Dragonflyman Vol. 1 (here). More on this with a special exclusive interview with one of the creators coming up on the day itself. Shhh, keep that one to yourselves though, but do put it in your diary.
  3. A new crowdfunding campaign for new graphic novel, Prince of Denmark Street by Kev F Sutherland, based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet was launched this past week. Check it out here.
  4. As more comics come out, so too will we be bringing you more reviews, with the dam having now been well and truly broken with a look at some new comics such as The Books of Magic #19 (here) and Outer Darkness/Chew #2 (here).
  5. A favorite new regular column of mine that’s grown out of this pandemic era has been Tony Thornley’s look back at classic tales from the Uncanny X-Men, Spider-Man and Batman. This week, Tony re-evaluated and reviewed Batgirl #1-6 and Spider-Girl #0-6. With plenty more to come!
  6. Speaking about reviews, EiC, Erik Amaya, shared his thoughts on the past season of Legends of Tomorrow here.
  7. On the film front, one of our regular film reviewers, Rachel Bellwoar, has been looking at some pretty under-the-radar DVD releases and this past week she reviewed Looking for Dracula, a documentary by Calvin Floyd and reviewed here. Seems vampires are still as popular as ever. Or at least Dracula seems to be.
  8. Rachel also found the time to review Abel Ferrara’s Pasolini this week too. You can read her thoughts on this biopic here.
  9. Anime all-rounder, Tito W James, review Dorohedro Season 1 here, the story of a lizard-headed amnesiac named Caima trying to recover his memories in a post-apocalyptic city ruled by Sorcerers, as you do. One of the more bizarre premises for an anime, even by Japanese standards, surely?
  10. Finally, a shout must go out to Ben Martin who has been regularly reviewing all the James Bond films with last weekend’s edition of his ‘Franchise Expansion (or Implosion’ column re-evaluating Timothy Dalton and The Living Daylights here.

And, that’s your lot for another weekend. Plenty there for you to read in an attempt to encourage you to stay indoors and stay safe.

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