Image Comics Announce New Graphic Novel Crime Thriller ‘Gunning for Ramirez’ By Nicolas Petrimaux

by Olly MacNamee

New to the USA graphic novel, Gunning for Ramirez by by Nicolas Petrimaux, has been described by Image Comics as a blend of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Robert Rodriguez’s Once Upon A Time In Mexico. So, plenty of over-the-top characters and equally over-the-top violence too. Just no cool soundtrack, so you’ll have to add your own if you pick this new English-translated edition when it comes out this September.
Having already bagged three awards in Europe awards (Angoulême Award for best publication 2018, Canal BD Award for best publication 2018 and Best Series BD Gest Award 2018 ), Gunning for Ramirez is already a proven critical success and a must-read for fans of gnarly 80s/90s crime thrillers and manly facial hair. Just get a load of those moustaches!

What if the deadliest assassin in all of Mexico, a man with dozens of kills to his name, was actually a vacuum repairman in Arizona?
Set in Falcon City, Arizona, Gunning for Ramirez follows Jacques Ramirez, a man who works at Robotop, the leading home appliance company in the Southwest United States. Jacques is efficient, thorough, and discreet. That last one is easy: he’s also mute. But everything changes when two members of one of Paso del Rio’s largest drug cartels stumble upon Jacques and believe him to be the deadly hitman who betrayed them in the past: the ruthless Ramirez.

Gunning for Ramirez will be available on Wednesday, September 30 and in bookstores on Tuesday, October 6. Enjoy the preview below.


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