Preview: Hugo Pratt’s ‘Battler Britton’ – More Long-Lost Artwork From The Master

by Richard Bruton

It’s time to see more Hugo Pratt artwork beautifully restored and presented in Battler Britton, the latest in the War Picture Library from the Treasury Of British Comics – take a look at the work of a master…

The Pratt illustrated tales inside here come from two adventures of Battler BrittonWagons of Gold and Rockets of Revenge, plus another long lost story, Destroy the Guns, originally published in a Hurricane annual.
To say they’re a thing of beauty is an obvious understatement – this is Hugo Pratt, one of the masters of comic book art.

Fully restored to greatness, the full glory of Pratt’s incredible lines and composition come through here so well, allowing us to see every last mark made on the page, every beautifully done panel, every stunning page.
I could go on and on and on about the glory of seeing Pratt’s work here… but there’s no better way of telling you how good it is than by showing you just a few examples of how good it is…

War Picture Library: Battler Britton, written by W.A.L. Holding, art by Hugo Pratt, published by the Treasury of British Comics & Rebellion.
Originally published in Thriller Picture Library 297, Battler Britton Annual 2, and Hurricane Annual 1965.
Battler Britton comes out in digital on 9 July. If you want to wait for the print edition, it’s going to be coming your way in June 2021
Now… a full preview for you of the first Battler Britton tale in here, Rockets of Revenge

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