Bomb Queen Returns To Try And Take Out Trump In ‘Bomb Queen: Trump Card’ From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

It’s been eight years since we last saw bad girl Bomb Queen, but with a looming election she’s come out of retirement to cast a satirical eye over the state of America in a new 4 part mini-series from Jimmie Robinson (Five Weapons, The Empty). Set in 2024, Bomb Queen: Trump Card has the titular character try and stop the 45th President of the United Staes, Donald Trump, from becoming President for life!

Set in the year 2024, Bomb Queen: Trump Card follows supervillain Bomb Queen on her quest to stop Donald Trump from becoming president for life. Her plan: campaign against Trump, steal his voter base, and lay bare America’s dark underbelly in the process.

Also, it sounds as though Bomb Queen: Trump Card is something of an outlet for Robinson, as he explains:

I returned to Bomb Queen to get a few things off my chest. From social politics to the state of the comic industry, nothing is safe from the Queen of obscene. Sometimes the best medicine is bitter and hard to swallow, and considering the current state of things, it seemed the perfect time for her to return to add to the chaos!

Look out for Bomb Queen: Trump Card #1 coming Wednesday, August 26 from Image Comics.

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