Your First Look At ‘DCeased: Dead Planet’ From Tom Taylor And Trevor Hairsine

by Olly MacNamee

The smash hit of last summer, DCeased, is back with a bite this July with DCeased: Dead Planet from original creating team Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine. Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that he, “always had a lot more DCeased planned,” and this series is his The Empire Strikes Back, being the second chapter in this trilogy, even if it’s the third series, what with DCeased: Unkillables having only just finished its short run.
Set five years later, Taylor reunites the surviving superheroes and magic-users, but get your hankies ready for more bloodshed, as Taylor reveals to THR:

Will there be tragedy in Dead Planet? Of course! It’s an undead apocalypse, not a picnic. But I will say we didn’t create a new Justice League just to watch them all die. There will be despair, there will be heroic sacrifices, but there will also be comedy and triumph mixed in with, you know, all those shocking deaths of beloved heroes.

Look out for the first issue this June 30 and get ready for a summer of slaughter.

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