HBO Go To Be Rebranded As HBO Max As WarnerMedia’s Confusing Streaming Initiative Continues

by Erik Amaya

This is why having one clear streaming app is a bonus to most companies.
Deadline reports the current HBO Go app — built to stream HBO content to cable and satellite subscribers on mobile devices and set-top boxes like Roku and Apple TV — will be converted into HBO Max as apart of an initiative to streamline WarnerMedia’s app offerings. The app known as HBO Now (the freestanding HBO subscription for those who cut the cord) will be renamed “HBO” in an effort to clear up confusion.
It’s all clear now, right?
As Deadline notes, critics of HBO Max’s launch pointed to the existence of the three apps as a source of confusion. Deleting HBO Go makes the most sense as most cable and satellite customers have access to HBO Max as part of their premium cable rate — this is how we’re viewing HBO Max content as we still have pay for a DirecTV subscription. But still confusing: HBO Now subscribers also received access to HBO Max. The company even ran a special discount promotion last month to entice new subscribers to HBO Now with the promise of Max content.
Of course, the change may effect Roku users as WarnerMedia has not struck a deal to offer HBO Max on Roku devices despite HBO Go being available. Perhaps the move is to force the situation with Roku as much as it is clarifying who has access to HBO Max.
Really, the simplest solution would’ve been a rebranding in anticipation of HBO Max’s launch, but when does simplicity ever come into big streaming app launches?
In whatever way you get it, HBO Max is available now.

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