Go On A Samurai’s Journey With Hit Monkey And Tigra In ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

June’s update for Marvel Contest of Champions sees an unlikely pairing of two fighters entering the game. Available this month will be Hit Monkey and Tigra. How did these two end up on the same side working together? Read the snippet below followed by the motion comic narrated by YouTube personality, Ze Frank.

Summoners! Having just barely escaped from an odd holding cell, Tigra and Hit-Monkey must join forces to shake off their pursuers and find out who is behind them being locked up. While being pursued, they start to investigate the circumstances of their captivity. What they discover is that there is a bigger plot at play, with somebody pulling the strings from the shadows!
With cat-like reflexes and assassins cunning, help these two scour The Battlerealm to get revenge on their captors in the June Event Quest, Samurai’s Journey!

You can actually try to collect Tigra now. To learn more about her, consult her Champion Spotlight and see her in action using her special moves or dive deeper into Greer Nelson.

For those who wanting to add the deadly primate to their collection, you might have to wait until later this month. Marvel Contest of Champions is out now on IOS and Android.

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