KO_OP Reveals ‘Goodbye, Volcano High’, an LGBTQ Narrative Adventure

by Sage Ashford

One of the biggest surprises in Sony’s ‘The Future of Gaming’ was Goodbye Volcano High, a game from KO_OP.  The game is specifically described by a cinematic narrative adventure that’s also a queer love story.  The game is scheduled to release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam.
More below:

Fang is a typical 18-year-old dinosaur: they’re more concerned about their band going viral than they are about what happens after graduation. But they’re about to have much bigger problems. Will they find time to figure themselves out? Can they balance a potential apocalypse and a budding romance? During hard times, what do we owe each other?
Goodbye Volcano High is a cinematic narrative adventure about the beginning of a love story… and the end of an era.

  • Fully voice-acted, with a cast starring Lachlan Watson (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
  • Branching narrative lets you navigate through difficult choices with far-reaching consequences
  • Stunning hand-drawn art and character animations
  • A huge variety of cinematic minigames
  • Written using the storytelling engine that powers Heaven’s Vault, 80 Days and Sorcery!
  • With an original soundtrack composed by Dabu (Winding Worlds, Dwarf Fortress) and featuring Montreal musician Brigitte Naggar on vocals.


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