Something For The Weekend: A Look At Some Of Our New Regular Columns For Your Consideration

by Olly MacNamee

Welcome to your weekend and welcome to our regular round-up of articles for you to browse through at your leisure this afternoon. Rather than just bring you a selection of popular posts, as we usually do, we thought this was a good opportunity to showcase some of our new, regular columns for new and old readers alike that we’ve launched, developed and established over the past few months since myself (Olly MacNamee, Senior Editor), Erik Amya (EiC) and James Ferguson (Senior Editor) took up the reins of Why not show these people some love by checking them all out today? We’re kind proud of what we’re achieving here and we’re hoping you’ll come along fro the ride.

We’ll star off with a particular favorite of my own: ‘New To You Comics’ reviews with Tony Thornley and Brendan M Allen hanging out, shooting the breeze and offering up classic comic book collections to take another look at and talk about. Usually it’s a title, or storyline, that the other has never read before giving each review a certain fresh feeling to them. Here’s where you’ll find all their previous columns, including this last week’s inclusion in which the lads looked back at Spider-Men.

We are also one of the few comic book websites in the USA with regular look in on Rebellion and in particular 2000AD, with our ‘The Weekly 2000AD’ landing every Monday afternoon offering up an in-depth preview from our Rebellion expert and fellow Brit, Richard Burton. Here’s last week’s preview of 2000AD Prog #2185 now and you can catch the next one this Monday and every Monday, along with monthly previews of the Judge Dredd Megazine, in ‘The Monthly Megazineand other Rebellion publications. We are most definitely a website proudly flying the flag for UK comics, that’s for sure.

Another new column launched this past week is our new ‘Euro Reviews’, again brought to you by Richard Bruton, who will be looking at the best of European titles old and new and recommending some of the best bandes dessinées and comic book albums this continent has to offer. A continent that brought the world Asterix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Valerian and Moebius is definitely one to keep tabs on and report upon, don’t you think?
Richard is also the man behind our Saturday ‘Art for Art’s Sake‘ too, a purely unashamedly leisurely look at some of the best comic book artwork around, from all eras. It’s as simple as that.

Regular reviewer Tony Thornley has also been offering up his own personal tale of some of Spider-Man, Batman and the X-Men’s best storylines of yesteryear in a number of new review-focussed columns; The Bat-Cave, The Xavier Institute and A Tangled Web, all coming out of this past pandemic but sticking around a lot longer, we hope.

On the film front, Ben Martin has been looking through the back catalogue of 007 films every Saturday lunchtime for a while now, with a look License to Kill as today’s entry in his ‘Franchise Expansion (or Implosion)‘ column. If you’re a Bind fan, you might want to check this out.

On top of this, we continue to offer you previews and reviews from the world of comics, anime, film and gaming from a number of growing and diverse voices, and were only just beginning as we welcomed new reviewer Malissa White to the comicon family with her review of Bitter Root #8. Welcome aboard, Malissa!
We hope you enjoy your time with us and do tell your friends as we continue to develop and grow! Have a good one, everyone, and as ever; do stay safe and if you can, stay at home. After all, we’ve certainly given you enough reading to encourage you stay put and indoors.

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