Super Sunday (Part 3): Adam Strange’s Re-Evaluation Continues In ‘Strange Adventures’ #2 From DC Black Label

by Olly MacNamee

Strange Adventures #2 comes out this Tuesday 16th June as Tom King, Mitch Gerards and Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner  re-evaluate our Silver Age space-faring hero Adam Strange through a contemporary lens, and re-positioning him as a military man suffering from his time as Rann’s hero. An interesting take on an old and tired character from DC Black Label.

What is the truth about Adam Strange? When an activist who publicly accused him of war crimes ends up dead, the public begins to doubt Strange’s stories about his adventures on the planet Rann-and he’s even starting to doubt himself. It’s going to take a special investigator to get the truth, and he’s going to have to tear apart Adam Strange’s life and reputation to do it.

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