Preview: Has Ra’s Al Ghul Taken It All From The Dark Knight In ‘Batman and the Outsiders’ #13?

by Olly MacNamee

Batman and the Outsiders #13 is out this Tuesday 16th June from DC Comics and Batman is in a bit of a pickle thanks to Ra’s al Ghul having taken it all from him. But, has Ra’s al Ghul factored the Outsiders into his plans? From Bryan Hill and Gleb Melnikov, who’s artwork I am not familiar with, but it does look very crisp and not too unlike Otto Schmidt’s own style, which I love. One to keep an eye on and a good enough reason to pick this book up this new comic book day. Or rather, have it put aside or home delivered as we are nowhere near out-of-the-woods with Covid-19 as we would like to believe, methinks.

Ra’s al Ghul has had everything taken away from him. His League of Assassins, his power…even his family. All he has left is his mission to bend the world to his will and save it from itself. He’s more dangerous than ever, and it’ll take the combined full might of the Outsiders team to take him down! Featuring art by Gleb Melnikov (Angel).

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