The Super Powered Lose Their Minds In ‘Distorted’ From Scout Comics

by James Ferguson

Indie publisher Scout Comics continues its run of impressive additions to its roster with Distorted, coming this winter from writer Salvatore Vivenzio and artist Gabriele Falzone. The series takes place in a world full of super powered people called the Distorted…who are starting to lose their minds.

The comic follows Tom, a private investigator who is contacted by Elisa, the president of a shadowy, quasi-government organization to track down the Distorted. Brennar is hunting them as well and the two will circle each other in this quest until one fateful moment. Meanwhile, James, a young Distorted is searching for what he wants from life, trying to find himself while also dealing with his powers and his flaws. As if this wasn’t enough, a Distorted serial killer is hunting James in an effort to make himself stronger.
There seems to be a lot going on in Distorted and I get a Heroes vibe from it. I’m very curious.

Writer Salvatore Vivenzio says:

Gabriele and I really appreciate the opportunity to work with Scout, the team seemed immediately highly capable. It’s really important for us to be able to land in the USA with our project. We are young and we both come from Italy, but we have a great passion and a lot of enthusiasm. We are sure that Scout team will take care of our Distorted!

Distorted is set to debut later this year.

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