Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 To Have ‘B-Movie Creature-Feature Element’

by Erik Amaya

If Sara Lance’s (Caity Lotz) abduction didn’t give the game away, the aliens to be featured on the sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow will not be friendly visitors. Nor will they necessarily be the Dominators the Legends previously tussled with before the Crisis. As executive producer Phil Klemmer told EW, “we would like there to be a whole motley assortment of them.” The notion actually mirrors the 1988/1989 Invasion comic crossover event in which the Dominators came to Earth with a coalition of aliens including Khunds, Daxamites, and more. Invasion inspired a previous CW crossover, but only the Dominators appeared in the skies. The Khunds, meanwhile, have been teased over on Supergirl a couple of times, but the other more hostile aliens out in the DC Cosmos have yet to be big threats in the Arrowverse outside of that foiled Dominator invasion.
But on a more practical level, Klemmer wants the aliens to be more varied so the show can do reach across the spectrum of science fiction stories, much as it has done with horror, magic, and the time travel genre itself. “We want each alien to provide a novel genre for each episode,” he explained.
One episode will introduce a new Legend who is a “alien conspiracy theorist” while another is “kind of ’50s burger wars — sort of like an American Graffiti shape.” The producer added he also wants some of the aliens to have “that B-movie creature-feature element, as well.” So expect Nate (Nick Zano) to play the befuddled and ineffectual scientist often seen in movies like This Island Earth or lower-budget creature features like The Beginning of the End. And if the show continues to be as adventurous as it was this past season, maybe some of them aliens will be intentionally hokey for some fine “man in a rubber suit” comedy.
Legends of Tomorrow will return sometime in 2021 on The CW.

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