Marvel Announces ‘Immortal She-Hulk’ On The Pull List

by James Ferguson

To celebrate 6/16 Day, Marvel released a special episode of The Pull List revealing sneak peeks at upcoming comics, rescheduled titles, and a new announcement. Hosted by Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Tucker Markus, the show featured the revelation of Immortal She-Hulk from writer Al Ewing and artist Jon Davis-Hunt, spinning out of Empyre. The comic is due out in September. Considering how great Immortal Hulk is, I cannot wait to check out this series.

The Pull List also features previews of the X of Swords X-Men event in Excalibur #12, X-Men #12, X of Swords: Creation #1, and X-Factor #4, plus the rescheduled Black Widow #1, Shang-Chi #1, Juggernaut #1, Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1 & #2, and Doctor Doom #7. Check out the video below.

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