Review: ‘White Ash’ #4 – Fierce Be Your Ax

by Malissa White

After Aleck stumbles into a confrontation with The Brood, Issue #4 of White Ash finds Aleck learning more about the town’s underlying secrets and his own family’s history. Tensions between the elven Aldens and the dwarf Zwergs rise, despite a reluctant friendship (and mutual thirsting) between Aleck and Lillian. That “will they/won’t they” romance is on hold though, as the town grieves a terrible loss and Aleck decides White Ash and it’s secrets are better in his rearview. Easier said than done, Aleck. The Brood is just getting started.
Writer Charlie Stickney serves up a killer continuation in Issue 4. He must know I’m a sucker for a badass woman with a sword and doesn’t disappoint with Lillian’s mother, Glairen. Tragic backstory makes the hunt personal for Lillian, while setting up her ascent to the elven badass we know she’ll be. Artist Conor Hughes’ cover work gives us a taste of Glairen’s power with fluid movement. Colorist Fin Cramb enhances it with angelic blue tones and contracting red splatter work.

Glairen’s backstory also provides a nice setup for Thane and Lillian’s complicated relationship. In Issue #3, Thane put Aleck on the business end of his knife when he thought Lillian was in danger. Turns out, Thane is no match Lillian’s strong will. She loves her father dearly, and he loves her, but she’s going for The Brood whether he likes it or not. What Lillian needs is his help. And Aleck’s, denial or not.

White Ash Issue #4 is another great installment in a fun, fantasy series. I’m personally looking forward to Aleck being drawn back to White Ash, and undergoing his own training montage with Uncle Orman. Who else but Aleck can wield his father’s dwarf-forged axes? With Lillian’s bow, they’ll be slaying Brood in no time.
Grab a glass of your favorite dwarven mead, put Magnum P.I. on in the background, and settle in for a fantastic issue. You can find Issue #4 digitally or physically at Scout Comics and your local retail shops.

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