Art For Art’s Sake # 58: Is The Lockdown Over Yet? Oh Well, Have Yourselves Some Art

by Richard Bruton

Time once more to take a look around the Internet for all the great comic art that’s out there. It’s Art For Art’s Sake time…
Whatever the movie is like, one thing we can definitely say about New Mutants is there’s some great Bill Sienkiewicz art for it –

Jack Teagle

Roger Langridge … The word for the day is bastards…

Joëlle Jones – Madame Xanadu and Death commission

John K Snyder commission of Moore characters based on the JKS original cover for Miracleman #10

Doom Patrol (Mondo) – Tula Lotay

Batman The Adventures Continue #3 Variant cover – Dan Hipp

Latest Folklore Thursday – written by John Reppion, drawn by PJ Holden

Fred Hembeck – Zatanna

Frank QuitelyElephantmen #50 cover

Chris Baldie, of Space Captain and Rolled A One fame, has a fun little thing on Twitter

Staz Johnson posts some 20-year-old artwork from Nightwing – fabulous stuff, very reminiscent of that glorious Alan Davis run, that same sense of playfulness and lightness in the artwork…

This sort of Alan Davis artwork – from that wonderful short run with Mike W. Barr on Detective Comics in the 1980s…

David Roach posts some incredible art on his social media. This is Jordi Franch‘s work, ‘A girls comics specialist, spending most of his career drawing in the UK, but he did also draw a romance newspaper strip for the US- My Story- along with some things for Charlton….This is from True Life 512- Truth Can Hurt- one of his most designy strips. Oh yes.. he loved big hair too!’

And more from Roach – more Jordi Franch… True Life 489

Darryl Cunningham‘s artwork is always a glorious thing, and his new book, Billionaires, is available from Myriad Editions right now. But one thing he does so very well is landscapes and particularly urban scenes… just like these

John Cei Douglas made a comic about a lost dog… good boy, very good boy…

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