Netflix Sets ‘Lucifer’ Return For August 21

by Erik Amaya

The saga to keep Lucifer in production is almost as thrilling as the former Fox TV supernatural series’ on-screen dramas. When Netflix stepped in to save the Devil, it seemed the show would be allowed to finish on its own terms. Now, those terms seem to be leading to a sixth season once all the contracts can be signed. Not too shabby for a show that seemed on its last leg a few years ago.
In the meantime, the streaming giant has set a date for the first part of the program’s fifth season to air: August 21st. As before, the former Lord of Hell (Tom Ellis) remains in his retirement, even as forces conspire to bring him back into the greatest of all battles. He’s also found love with a human woman — which just seems crazy enough and idea to work. Loosely based on the DC Vertigo Lucifer series written by Mike Carey, the Fox TV procedural-ness of the program always left us feeling like the series was too far afield to enjoy.
Nevertheless, it has found a faithful following and proved to be a big enough of a success on Netflix, that it resurrected the series for two seasons with a third now in the planning stages. Clearly, there’s some appeal to the Devil we need to investigate before Lucifer comes again to Netflix in August.

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