Review: ‘Ghost-Spider #10’ Ends Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

by James Ferguson

There are some new heroes in town, but how far are they willing to go for the spotlight? The truth about Sue and Johnny Storm is revealed in Ghost-Spider #10, showing the high price these two influencers have paid for their fame and fortune. The next item to cross off their list is Gwen Stacy.

I didn’t realize that Ghost-Spider #10 was the last issue of the series. This ended just as abruptly as the previous book did, which is rather unfortunate as writer Seanan McGuire introduced a number of really cool ideas that we haven’t seen play out just yet. As such, this ending feels rushed and unsatisfying as there’s so much left to explore.
Moreover, this feels like a ham-fisted way of shoehorning Gwen into not just Earth-616, but the Outlawed event where teenage heroes are banned by the government without proper supervision. There is something special in having Gwen on her own world and not with the rest of the heroes, particularly her family and friends there that operate as a support system.

In any case, we dig into the past of the Storms and they’re just as despicable as we’ve been led to believe since they were introduced. This flashback kills some momentum we’re not particularly invested in their lives just yet, despite their fascinating doppelgangers on Earth-616. Presenting them as villains is an interesting twist so hopefully we’ll get to see more of them in the future.
Gwen’s anger gets the better of her in Ghost-Spider #10, unleashing Gwenom on the Storms. This transformation is amazing and artist Ig Guara does a phenomenal job with it. The changes begin subtly, adding small spikes to Gwen’s costume, then exploding with tendrils before creating a long-tail like appendage that’s really the tongue of as massive maw.

Colorist Ian Herring complements this transformation well, shifting from the bright white of Gwen’s regular costume to a sleek black with hints of blood red. Herring always turns in great work in Ghost-Spider and this issue is no different. The pages are bursting with tremendous color that has come to define Earth-65. If Gwen moves to Earth-616, this palette will be another casualty.
Guara’s talents extend to the action sequences as well with some exciting layouts and intricate poses showcasing Gwen’s agility in combat. Throughout it all, we’re reminded of how new this is to the character and how young she still is by her reactions to some of Sue and Johnny’s attacks. She’s still innocent enough to believe the best in people so she’s caught completely by surprise by their heinous acts.
Letterer Clayton Cowles adds to the intensity of these scenes with some great sound effect work. The words flow with the action in a natural way.

Ghost-Spider ends just as it’s really beginning with some great ideas left unexplored. Gwen is a fascinating character full of potential. She provides a valuable perspective that is woefully underrepresented in comics today so I sincerely hope she gets more exposure in the near future. Maybe traditional monthly comics aren’t for her or some of her fans so perhaps there are other avenues her adventures could be seen in. Time will tell.
Ghost-Spider #10 is currently available digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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