Review: So Much More Than Nostalgia – ‘MMPR / TMNT #5’

by James Ferguson

Let me try and paint the picture for you because my inner child is exploding right now. The Ninja Turtles and April O’Neil are Power Rangers, controlling the MegaZord against giant-sized Bebop and Rocksteady in Central Park. Meanwhile, Shredder has the Green Power Coin and has brought the DragonZord into the fray. The Power Rangers, without access to the Morphin Grid, have a trick up their sleeves. I’m going to take a minute to catch my breath because I am having trouble containing my excitement.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been steadily building towards this epic climax. Is it a bit of fan service? Sure, but it’s earned every bit of it. I had goosebumps reading this comic, not just because of my deep love for both of these franchises, but because of how action-packed this final issue is. It’s absolutely incredible.

Not only does writer Ryan Parrott tie up all the loose ends and bring everything together, but he fills this comic with fantastic character moments. I shouldn’t be surprised after his stellar work on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers as they feature the same level of quality. The dialogue is packed with solid quips that are sure to bring a smile to your face. More importantly, it’s full of heart. Every action in here is earnest and packs a punch.

As much as I enjoyed the story, artist Simone di Meo absolutely steals the show with some tremendous work in MMPR / TMNT #5. Aided on inks by Alessio Zonno, the action is jaw-dropping from start to finish. The battle with the Zords and Bebop & Rocksteady is a sight to behold. The pages are crackling with energy. There’s a nice surprise that had me screaming in pure joy. Di Meo did some terrific design here too.

Letterer Ed Dukeshire parses out the voices of each character while in the MegaZord with color-coded word balloons. Coupled with the powerful sound effects and you’ve got some pretty awesome moments.

The Zord battle is just part of the fun in MMPR / TMNT #5. There’s also a fight back in the traditional costumes that’s just as exciting. Colorist Walter Baiamonte, aided by Igor Monti, delivers a bold palette that’s a healthy mix of the bright, vibrant colors we’re used to with both franchises and the dark shadows of a real ominous threat. This adds to the intensity of the final battle as the forces of good and evil clash with everything on the line.

While Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes to a close with this issue, the door is left open for more stories and I certainly hope we get to see them soon. This book is so much more than just fun with nostalgia. It’s an absolutely amazing comic packed with fun, excitement, and some of the best action sequences the medium has ever seen. Any fan of either franchise will eat this up.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5 from BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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