The First-Ever Lumberjanes Event Kicks Off In September

by James Ferguson

Lumberjanes has been an incredible comic since it began. This September, it’s going big with it’s first-ever event. BOOM! Studios has shared initial details on “End of Summer” beginning in Lumberjanes #73 from Kat Leyh and Shannon Watters that sends the hardcore lady-types on an adventure before summer ends that leads to a collision course with an evil force.

I have to admit, I’m a little worried about this event as it includes the word “end” and that’s something I never want to happen to this series. “End of Summer” picks up with the Lumberjanes dealing with an evil force spreading over the forest, sapping the life out of the plants and animals and leaving nothing but grey behind. This mysterious power has already taken the campers’ friends, freezing the Yetis, and leaving the bear woman stuck in animal form. If they can’t defeat The Grey, the Lumberjanes way of life will disappear, not just for the summer, but forever.

Jeanine Schaefer, Executive Editor, BOOM! Studios says:

The Lumberjanes have faced off against magical creatures, gods, and legends straight from myth with nothing but their smarts and the power of friendship but this time, they’ll be facing a threat like nothing they’ve ever seen before. Our favorite summer camp friends will have to face a force that literally takes away everything they believe in and stand for, in an epic struggle that could end their magical world as they know it.

Lumberjanes #73 is set for release in September 2020, but fans can get a sneak peek during the Free Comic Book Day issue, Lumberjanes: Farewell to Summer, due out on August 5th, 2020.

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