Crowdfunding Comics: Neon-Coloured Nightmares Stalk ‘Our Last Halloween’ #3

by Olly MacNamee

Small town America in the mid-80s and a small group of friends try to prevent the rising of the evil Deadworlders; zombie-like reanimated agents of darkness. Just your average day in America then, as a brave group of teenagers try to stop the spread of evil before it’s too late.   
Writer Mike Garley, artist Michael Lee-Graham and letterer Mike Stock return with a new issue of this nostalgia-laced horror comic Our Final Halloween #3, which is currently up on Kickstarter and in the final days of its campaign.

Crowdfunding comics can be a tricky thing and the wait between issue can be lengthy, so it was good to see a brief summary of the first two issues included ahead of this book’s instalment in the unfolding creep show, which isn’t slow to get the the story going and then blood flowing.
The gang’s hopes of finding the creepy old guy from previously may be just one slip up they’ll need to overcome as weeks flow into months – as cleverly depicted through two sequential double-page spreads emulating months on a calendar – with a great deal of notes to mark the passage of time.  The move into summer is accompanied with the appropriate warm colors of the season, courtesy of artist Lee-Graham, who brings his graphic design sensibilities to the artwork here, with a vibrant era-appropriate color palette on show here. Moving in to the darker events of this book, the colors mirror these darker moments, but with the liberal use of deep purples and shocking pinks, it’s still a comic book that’s vibrant rather than muddy, as some horror comics can be.

We get to meet, and to know, the gang of teens a little bit more in this issue, with each main character from the group getting their moment to breathe as they attempt to hunt down the mysterious church that you just know they shouldn’t be looking for. Especially as the only person who knew its whereabouts is a hobo. But, even he knows not to enter this House of God. 
Our Final Halloween is The Famous Five meets H P Lovecraft, with great looking ‘zombies’ and a set of friends who are just the right side of precocious to like and to root for. But then, when you have youth on your side you think you’ll live forever. Well, that could just be wishful thinking for some come Halloween and one last issue in this spooky series.
Check out Our Final Halloween #3 Kickstarter here now. 

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