‘Lucifer’ Finally Renewed For Sixth and ‘Final, FINAL’ Season At Netflix

by Erik Amaya

The drama of the Devil is finally coming to a close.
TVLine reports the Warner Bros. Television production Lucifer has been renewed for a sixth and “final, FINAL” season at Netflix. The streaming giant swooped in to save the Prince of Darkness after Fox cancelled the then three-season series two years ago. Though the original plan was to revive the show for one additional season, an existing contract with star Tom Ellis and the immediate success of the series’ fourth season on Netflix led to an initial one season extension and talk of a sixth year.
Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich negotiated new contracts, but Ellis and his team balked at the conditions of his original season six contract — created some concern among the show’s fans. Netflix was able to renegotiate with the star, securing him for what was still considered a “potential” sixth season until today.
Based on the DC Vertigo title Lucifer, Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell who abdicates his infernal throne and opens a night club in Los Angeles. After a murder occurs on his doorstep, he decides to help the LAPD solve crimes. The procedural element is definitely a Fox special; leaving many fans of the comic, by writer Mike Carey and artists like Peter Gross and Dean Ormston, feeling as though the show might not be for them. Nevertheless, it found a following thanks to WBTV’s old deal with Netflix; which funneled their shows to the streamer a week after the end of a program’s broadcast season.
It is unclear how many episodes the final season will run or when it will be produced. Production on the show’s fifth season was cut short when all film and television production ceased thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it seems the only remaining episode left to shoot is the Season 5 finale. In the interim, Netflix will present the first eight episodes of the season on August 21st.
And even though Netflix is referring to Season 6 as the program’s final year, we have to wonder if in a year’s time, we’ll be talking about the plans for a “final, final, FINAL” season. The Devil is, after all, a hard one to shake.

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