Classic Brit War Comics And The Return Of Major Eazy!

by Richard Bruton

Get ready to ‘Take it Eazy’ in 2021 with another classic reprint collection of Brit war comics from the pages of Battle. Yep, it’s the Italian job for Major Eazy!

Another classic coming from the Brit comic archives, courtesy of The Treasury of British Comics – in 2021 we’ll be seeing the first volume in a planned collection of the (mis)adventures of the wonderful Major Eazy.
Created by Alan Hebden and Carlos Ezquerra, Major Eazy is a laconic, laid-back British Army officer during the Second World War who has a total disregard for authority or protocol. And yes, the similarity to James Coburn is absolutely intended – the epitome of cool!
The 128-page collection is the first of a 2-volume series featuring the good Major and his band of convict commandos known as the Rat Pack. You can get hold of the first volume, The Italian Campaign, from 4 March 2021, complete with fully restored colour pages, courtesy of the Treasury’s repro wizards!


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