DC Comics Reveals Their Line-Up Of Variant Covers For ‘Batman: Three Jokers’

by Olly MacNamee

DC Comics are offering up to retailers nine Premium Variant Covers for Batman: Three Jokers, each illustrated by series artist Jason Fabok.
“Along with the main cover and regular variant cover, each issue of Batman: Three Jokers will have three Premium Variant Covers, showcasing Fabok’s interpretation of a different face of The Joker’s madness throughout DC history. All nine of the Premium Variant Covers mirror Fabok’s main covers for the three-issue series, giving a close-up look at even more of The Joker’s terrifying incarnations”.

As you can see , they’ve released images for 6 of the 9 covers, with 3 more to come. Here’s a list of all the 9 covers by due date, with issue  issue #1, on sale Tuesday, August 25:

  • Red Hood (Variant A)
  • Joker Fish (Variant B)
  • Joker Bomb (Variant C)

For issue #2, on sale Tuesday, September 29:

  • Joker Behind Bars (Variant D)
  • Death in the Family/Top Hat & Monocle (Variant E)
  • Joker Applying Makeup (Variant F)

And for the final issue #3, on sale Tuesday, October 27:

  • Batman: The Killing Joke Hawaiian shirt and camera (Variant G)
  • Stand-Up Comedian (Variant H)
  • “Endgame” Mohawk (Variant I)

What’s more, as an added incentive, DC Comics are also offering participating retailers ordering all nine premium variant covers  one free Batman: Three Jokers #3 “compilation” premium variant cover, collecting all nine of Fabok’s variants, plus the three main covers from the series.
Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and colorist Brad Anderson debuts at open and operating comic book stores and digital retailers on Tuesday, August 25.

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