More Brit Classics: Jerry Siegel’s 60s Super-Crook, ‘The Spider’, Gets Collected

by Richard Bruton

The Spider’s Syndicate of Crime, featuring the classic Brit hero/villain from the ’60s, will get the Treasury of British Comics treatment next year with the first archival-quality reprint of The Spider‘s adventures.

(The Spider Volume 1 – UK cover)

Rebellion / The Treasury of British Comics will put the first 144-page book of a planned 4-volume series out in April 2021, fully remastered and collected for the first time. It’s a chance to thrill to the super-crook’s earliest exciting adventures that appeared in the pages of Lion, and were later reprinted in Vulcan.
The Spider was created by Ted Cowan and artist Reg Bunn, but the majority of his wonderfully British adventures were penned by one Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman. This new collection features Reg Bunn’s glorious artwork re-mastered by those repro wizards ar Rebellion and will feature the character’s first annual story is presented in its original colour.
A special limited hardcover edition will be available exclusively from the Treasury of British Comics webshop with a cover by fan favourite artist Chris Weston.

Art by Reg Bunn

Known as ‘The King of Crooks’, the Spider was a wonderfully arrogant and cunning criminal mastermind who swiftly became one of the most popular British comic book villain of the ‘60s – equipped with a razor-sharp mind, superb athletic ability and a vast array of cutting-edge gadgets.
This first collection sees The Spider setting his sights on taking over the New York underworld and establishing a ‘Syndicate of Crime’ by recruiting other fiends into his fledging empire and seeing off competition from other villainous foes, including the master of illusion, Mirror Man! And later volumes will feature the stories where the master crook turned away from his criminal roots and became a crime-fighter, alongside reluctant allies, the criminal ‘Prof’ Pelham and safecracker Roy Ordini.
2020 Spider art by John McCrea

The character recently featured in the Treasury of British Comics’ Smash! Special in an all-new strip by Rob Williams and John McCrea.
But now you’ll have a chance to see the original adventures of a most peculiar sort of Brit comics character, complete with that gorgeously remastered Reg Bunn artwork.
The Spider Volume 1 – US cover

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