Crowdfunding Comics: Comicscene’s ‘History Of Comics’ Will Focus On Key Years Of Comic History

by Richard Bruton

Comics magazine ComicScene is running a new Kickstarter campaign to document the History of Comics 1930-2030. A 70-part collection building to a year-by-year historical record of comics – it’s ambitious, it’s needed, it’s looking for your funding!

Now, for the sake of transparency, I’ve written for ComicScene magazine in the past and hopefully will be writing for this part-work as well. But even if I didn’t have that interest in it, I’d still be signal-boosting this one, as something like this, if it’s done properly, could be a real mix of entertainment, historical record, and cultural resource for medium.

It’s been a long time since there was anything like the sort of print coverage we’d seen in years gone by in the comics industry. The days of the likes of The Comics Journal, Amazing Heroes, Comics International, Speakeasy, Comic Heroes, and so many others have been and gone over the years. One of the last ones standing was Joel MeadowsTripwire but that went from regular read to sporadically published – possibly returning next year, and still running as a comic, TV and film news website.

But I did miss having that regular comics read. It’s something very different from a site such as Comicon and our wonderful fellow comics sites such as The Beat,(where Heidi MacDonald is doing great things) or Down The Tubes (for excellent UK coverage).

So when ComicScene appeared, it was great to see a regular comics mag back on the shelves (or tablets) once more. Sadly, Covid-19 has wreaked havoc with the print publishing industry in general and niche publications such as ComicScene in particular. Right now, the magazine’s plans for getting more issues out are being evaluated and there are possibly hopes to return later in 2020 or 2021. These days we’re all having to get used to uncertainty.

However, the new project, the ComicScene History of Comics from 1930 to 2030 is a completely different beast, using Kickstarter to fund the project and circumvent the problems of getting something out to stores in the short term.

The plan is to publish 100 volumes, each volume focusing on one year from 1930 to 2030, but referencing back to the earliest times of comic-making as well, with coverage of US, UK, European, Manga, and world comics from comics journalists, fans, scholars, and more.

The planned publication timescale is to publish the 64-page books in sets of four, sent out three times a year.

The first set of four, as featured below, will be 1984 (volume 1), 1977 (volume 2), 1950 (volume 3), and 1986 (volume 4) and should be out from November 2020. As you can see, they’ve deliberately picked some historically important years to kick things off.

You can look at the Kickstarter here – the crowdfunding campaign runs until 30 July.


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