Something For The Weekend: Another Saturday And Another Round-Up Of Reviews, Previews, News And More

by Olly MacNamee

Okay, so what have you all ben reading this past week here on So what are we waiting for? Without further ado, here’s you’re ten to take away for this weekend. Funnily enough, as we get more and more comic book news and releases, it’s been TV and film that have dominated readers attentions this week, as you’ll see from our list below:

  1. We lead with the passing of a comic book legend with the passing of Joe Sinnott at the age of 93, who died peacefully on June 25th, “with the knowledge that his family, friends, and fans adored him”.
  2. Sadly, Batman Forever and The Lost Boys director, Joel Schumacher also passed away this week too. EiC Erik Amaya brought us the news here.
  3. Our weekly preview of 2000AD by Richard Bruton seems to be a regular in this round-up, so for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, here it is again.
  4. While rumours are not news, it doesn’t stop people from reading it. and, so it goes with the rumours that Michale keratin could be returning to his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the forthcoming Flash feature film. Hey, does that mean we’re supposed to forget his recent throttling of a fan now? Really?
  5. We looked forward to July on Netflix this past week, and the return of The Umbrella Academy here with Senior Editor James Ferguson.
  6. Also looking forward, we brought you the news that both Riverdale and The Flash are considering returning to shooting by late summer. Fingers remained cross in these uncertain times.
  7. Crash Bandicoot returns from a hiatus of 22 years with the announcement of new game, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time here.
  8. Another blast from the past returning to video games consoles is Samurai Jack and the original voice cast of the 90s animated series for an all-new game, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. We reported on this bit of console news here.
  9. Our regular Anime and animation addict, Tito M James, posted the short film The Gloaming and it seems he wasn’t the only one who liked it. Check it out here.
  10. Finally, because we are a comic book news based website first and foremost, many of you clearly are looking forward to picking up new comics again – if you aren’t already – a few previews that caught people’s eyes and are out now wherever comics are sold were Marvel Snapshots #1, Sleeping Beauties #1 and your first look at Detective Comics #1024. Do remember to go support your local comic book store, won’t you? But, safely.

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