Super Sunday (Part 1): ‘Justice – The Fall’ #1 Crowdfunded Comic

by Olly MacNamee

Our first Kickstarter campaign spotlighting Black creatives is Justice: The Fall #1 from Wingless Studios.
“Name: Othniyel, The Left Hand of God, The Lion of Justice, Commander of the Felix Legions. The angel known as Justice has gone by many names in service to Elohim. He is the angel that barred the entrance to Eden. He that guarded the lamb’s blood on the first Passover. He has always sat at God’s left hand. Now there is a great tumult beneath the Firmament. The Voice of God is missing and Justice must forsake his place among the Throne in order to find it. In order to save Heaven, he’ll go through Hell.”
The first issue of this new series sees the book’s eponymous hero and Left Hand of God, Justice, patrol the rooftops of Las Sombras, the City of Shadows, where gambling meets the sea. One night Justice intervenes when a gang of Children of the Night gives into their bloodlust and so our story begins.
If it looks and sounds like your type of comic, then do check out this campaign here now and show it some love.
And, if you do back it and want more, do look out for a Wingless Comics crossover this October with another black comic book company we’ve featured, Concept Moon Comics.

$500 stretch goal reward: Wingless Comics team poster by Fabio Simao and Nestor Redulla.

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