Super Sunday (Part 3): ‘Ngolo Diaspora’ Promises A Sci-Fi/Martial Arts Mash-Up Of A Comic

by Olly MacNamee

Our third crowdfunding campaign of the afternoon is one with roots in the martial arts film of the 70s, as well as the Blaxploitation films of that era as MV Media bring you Ngolo Diaspora, a futuristic, kick-ass comic to be produced in partnership with Peter Chizoba Daniel and Pedastudio, Lagos, Nigeria. Planned to be a six-issue series with just over two weeks to go on their crowdfunding campaign, here’s a little bit more on this sci-fi/martial arts mash-up:
Ngolo Diaspora takes place in the near future in a world similar to ours, yet different. In this world assassinations are legal, as long as they are carried about by government sanctioned guild. Guilds are used to settle disputes between the powerful and the ordinary, with each side given a grace period to settle their differences before the assassination contract activates.  Of the six sanctioned guilds, the Bloodmen are the most skilled and the most feared because of their deadly fighting style, Ngolo. Just the mention of their involvement can bring parties to the table. But some think the guilds have become too powerful and are bent on destroying them. Their target? The Bloodmen. The Bloodmen are forced to go into hiding, code name ‘Ngolo Diaspora’.”

For more on the campaign, the pledge prizes and stretch goals, go visit it here.

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