Super Sunday (Part 5): Myths, Monsters and A Mother’s Story Are Told In ‘Realm Of Spirits’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Our last Kickstarter campaign for this afternoon is Realm of Spirits #1, part fantasy, part mythological and set in ancient Egypt, this comic by Sylvester Edmonds, has just over a week left to run.

Inside poster of the eight jewels of power

“Realm of Spirits follows the captivity story during the time of the biblical Moses. Telling the story from a mother’s point of view having their first born hunted and killed to keep the prophecy from reaching fulfillment.
An ancient Egyptian prophecy tells of eight Hebrew children of angelic birth being born over the course of eight days. These children carry with them, The jewels of powerThe pharaoh Rasmes plans to take the jewels of power for himself. Little does he know of demonic forces after them.
Here’s a look at some of the interior art, but if you are visiting the campaign page on Kickstarter, some of the artwork on view there is not necessarily fro younger readers’ eyes and rather erotic.

For more details fo this campaign go visit here now.

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