Super Sunday: Shining A Light Onto Black Comic Book Crowdfunding Campaigns

by Olly MacNamee

When we first went into collective lockdown, both here in the UK and parts of the USA, like other comic book news websites we looked further afield for news and reviews. What I recognised when covering the indie comic book publishing scene out there was that a good deal were being created by African-American creative teams for African-American readers specifically.
What I saw time and again when covering such comics and campaigns was that for many Black indie comic book creators this pursuit of publishing your very own comic book often came from the under-representation of Black characters and Black stories on comics. As kids many readers juts couldn’t relate to the likes of Batman, Superman nd Spider-Man. Even by today’s perception of a more diverse publishing landscape, clearly companies could still be doing better.
So, we thought it about time we brought several Kickstarter comic book projects to your attention on this particular Super Sunday with a look at a different campaign every hour on the hour.

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