Preview: Saving Miners And Saving Hipsters In ‘Superman: Man Of Tomorrow’ #9 DC Digital First

by Olly MacNamee

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #9, out today online as a DC Digital First, brings readers two stories featuring DC Comics premium superhero. Superman saving mines harkens back to Action Comics #1 (1938), but the Man of Steel has come along way from being the socialist, bourgeois-smashing superhero he once was. In the second strip, he goes to the opposite extreme from working class mines to hipster, organic-coffee-drinking Portlanders. 
Written by Jeff Parker, pencils by Sam Lotfi and Michael McKone, inks by Sam Lotfi and Michael McKone, and colored by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. Check out a preview of this first story below:
“Story 1 – Superman and Lois respond to an emergency call at the mines outside of Metropolis. Can Superman save the miners from a horde of mysterious rock creatures? And where did these creatures come from?
Story 2 – Brainiac unleashes a monstrous creature on the Portland airport. Can Superman stop it before it spawns and overwhelms the planet!”

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